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Socialization Event held in Asia & Ayau Islands MPA. Reported by Bertha Matatar

CUSTOMARY REGULATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF WAYAG SOCIALIZED IN ASIA AND AYAU ISLANDS MPA Reported by: Bertha Matatar*   A collaboration between Raja Ampat’s Maya Tribe Customary Council,...
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MPA’s added to the BHS MPA network

MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) are the heart and soul of the Bird’s Head Seascape.  There are now 26, including 3 new ones, TCBFM (Traditional Community Based Fisheries Management) Bintuni,...
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Natural History of Manta Rays in the Bird’s Head Seascape: A new study by Edy Setyawan, et al.

Natural history of manta rays in the Bird’s Head Seascape, Indonesia, with an analysis of the demography and spatial ecology of Mobula alfredi (Elasmobranchii: Mobulidae) by Edy Setyawan,  Mark...
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