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StAR Project Update, part 4 by Made Abiyoga Udaya

This is part 4 of the series. Administrator’s note: In September of 2021 we first introduced the ambitious StAR project, which will hopefully re-wild Raja Ampat with the charismatic Zebra...
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Science For Conservation Newsletter: Dari Program Sains untuk Konservasi LPPM Universitas Papua

Selamat Tahun Baru 2023! Kali ini kami dari Program Sains untuk Konservasi LPPM Universitas Papua kembali menyapa Sobat Lestari dengan kumpulan cerita-cerita dari lapang selama bulan November dan...
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World First Endangered Shark Rewilding Program Launches In Indonesia

WORLD FIRST ENDANGERED SHARK REWILDING PROGRAM LAUNCHES IN INDONESIA Press Release Global collaboration, StAR, to re-establish once abundant zebra sharks in Raja Ampat. SORONG, RAJA AMPAT, 30...
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Developing Fakfak: an Introduction by Burt Jones

We are very happy to finally able to share the results of our twice-postponed voyage of discovery to the Bomberai peninsula.  In 2018 the Fakfak’s regency government formalized the creation...
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Marine Policy: NGO’s Working with Local Communities and MPA’s is a Win-Win for Everyone! by Casey White

[The marine environment surrounding Raja Ampat harbors some of the world’s most biodiverse coral reef ecosystems, and communities have been helping to protect these ecosystems for centuries. Two...
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