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Teluk Sebakor: Fakfak’s Topside WonderBay & Bat Cave!

We are posting a series of recently surveyed dive sites in the Bird’s Head Seascape last frontier, Fakfak and the Bomberai peninsula.  This is the sixth in the series, North Teluk Sebakor...
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100 Dives in Raja, Part 2 (liveaboard based) by Alex Mustard

Administrator’s note: Alex has been a friend and contributor to the BHS site since first visiting the region in 2006.  He recently returned from two trips: one land-based, which gave him a...
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A Raja Ampat Image Collection by Suzan Meldonian

Suzan Meldonian is an award winning underwater photojournalist and ocean advocate using her photo documentary work to introduce the ocean realm to the public eye.  Through her amazing images,...
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In the Shallows: Diving Highlight by Linda Pitkin

In the Shallows: Diving Highlight by Linda Pitkin My diving highlight of a recent trip to Raja Ampat was a day and a bit spent in such shallow water that it was more like snorkelling with a tank...
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