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Misool Eco Resort’s marine conservation foundation, Misool Baseftin, operates a Ranger Patrol to protect the resort’s lease area. Established in 2005 and contracted directly from the local villages, Misool Eco Resort’s lease area stretches 828 square kilometers and includes the region’s most spectacular diving, including Magic Mountain, Fiabacet, Daram, Yillet, and Gorgonian Passage. This area is a No-Take Zone, and all fishing, shark finning, harvesting of turtle eggs, and other extractive measures are strictly prohibited.
With a network of three Ranger Stations and two dedicated patrol vessels, the local Rangers ensure South Raja Ampat’s reefs remain pristine for all to enjoy. Scientific research has established that the fish biomass of reefs within the No-Take Zone has increased by an average of 250% in just five years, and some reefs have seen increases of more than 600%. The Rangers also regularly interact with liveaboards visiting Misool Eco Resort’s lease area, informing them about the No-Take Zone as well as ensuring all visitors abide by the Raja Ampat Operator’s Code of Conduct.
Misool Baseftin also operates several social projects in local villages, including building a kindergarten, establishing primary school libraries, and sponsoring teachers.
Misool Baseftin is a registered Indonesian charity. The foundation is supported by US-based non-profit WildAid, Seacology, Paddle for the Planet, Global Ocean, Pindito, several other liveaboards operating in the region, and Misool Eco Resort.

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