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Selamat datang bulan Agustus! Kali ini kami dari Program Sains untuk Konservasi LPPM Universitas Papua kembali menyapa Sobat Lestari dengan kumpulan cerita-cerita dari lapang selama bulan...
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The Story of EPI and The Pursuit of Inclusive Shark Science by Made Abiyoga Udaya

Among the myriad of marine species described globally are a group of cartilaginous fish, known as elasmobranchs. Ranging in size from mere centimeters to tens of meters, this extensive group...
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A Spanish dancer? No! A troupe of dancers: a review of the family Hexabranchidae by various authors

Administrator’s note: Nudibranchs in the genus Hexabranchus, commonly known as Spanish Dancers, are found in both the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Consequently they are encountered...
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