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The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) partners with local communities around the world to save coral reefs. We catalyze other conservation organizations, business leaders, fishermen, residents, government officials, tourism operators, and others to help identify the challenges facing their reefs and to find solutions we can implement together.

CORAL began its work in Indonesia in 2007 by partnering with Conservation International Indonesia to establish an entrance fee for Raja Ampat. Visitors now purchase a visitor tag to enter Raja Ampat; the money that is collected is then distributed within the government, Raja Ampat management and the community itself to directly benefit the natural resources and people of the region. To ensure that the user fee system would be successful, CORAL collaborated with our colleagues at Conservation International Indonesia and a Bupati (head of district)-appointed committee to gain consensus from all regional stakeholders.
CORAL has also partnered with the Misool Eco Resort since 2009 to protect the stunning reefs within the marine conservation concession area they lease from the community. Initially, we provided microgrants to fund the purchase of equipment like boat engines to enhance patrol efforts. Since then, we have also led efforts to build the patrol team’s capacity, develop a more robust and effective reporting system, and link activities within the reserve to patrols led by other groups outside of the area.
In addition, CORAL has supported the Raja Ampat Regency Government’s effort to protect sharks and mantas through a collaborative outreach between CORAL and our partner. In 2013, the regency government signed into regency law the shark and manta ray sanctuary that had been designated in 2010 under the head of district’s decree. The law protects sharks and rays in 46,000 square kilometers (18,000 square miles) of ocean off the coast of Raja Ampat. To learn more, please visit:

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