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Procedures for Private
Vessels and Liveaboards

Information for Foreign Vessels, Bird's Head Regencies,
& Private Yacht Provisioning.

The Indonesian government requires private yachts to obtain several cruising permits and to pass international clearance standards when entering and sailing around Indonesia, including the Bird’s Head Seascape. Because Indonesian legal procedures are often complicated, it is recommended that private yachts seeking cruising permits contact an experienced yacht consultant for logistical support and advice.

There are several consultancies based in Bali. The Lighthouse Consultancy is a full service authority:

Other agencies include Bali Yacht Services, and Asia-Pacific Super Yachts,

  • Foreign Vessels

    Foreign vessels entering Indonesia need to arrange these two permits and processes at the minimum:

    • The Clearance Approval Indonesian Territory (CAIT)
      This is a three-month permit allowing single entry to vessels entering Indonesian waters and granting permission for crew and passengers to enter Indonesia at any time during this period. This can be done at many ports in Indonesia, including Bali and Sorong.
    • Temporary Importation
      A vessel needs to be temporarily imported into Indonesia, which takes place during inspections in the initial International clearance process. At the end of the cruise, the vessel is routinely exported.

    Once foreign vessels have been granted admission to Indonesian waters, they will have to also abide by the rules of each Regency they visit.


  • Bird's Head Regencies

    Cenderawasih Bay
    Boats seeking to cruise Cenderawasih Bay, must obtain a SIMAKSI letter, which gives the vessel permission to visit the National Park. Once granted this letter, a ranger will be assigned to the vessel and will accompany and facilitate the entire trip.
    The SIMAKSI application letter to be handed in at the National Park Authority office in Manokwari, requires:

    • Identification of all passengers and crew
    • Purpose of visit
    • Length of stay
    • List of all equipment that will be used

    Address: Jl. Essau Sesa, Sowi Gunung, Manokwari, P.O Box 229, Tel/Fax: (0986) 214719.

    There is a complicated and ever-changing list of charges for equipment and guests entering the National Park, but it is much wiser to let the yacht consultancy obtain the necessary permissions than for the uninitiated to try to navigate the convoluted entry system

    Summary of Procedure for Liveaboards Visiting Cendrawasih Whale Sharks:
    Download PDF

    Triton Bay
    Private yacht procedures for entering in Triton Bay are more complicated than anywhere else in the BHS as locals have had much less contact with outsiders and are less understanding of tourist's intentions. Boats are required to check in with the port authorities in Kaimana and also meet the head of the village to which the specific cruising waters belong. As there are no official regulations and fees, it is recommended to go through an agent who can communicate with the locals and organize everything. A local agent can be found through the yacht consultancies.

    Raja Ampat
    A private yachts entering Raja Ampat are subject to fees, dependent on the size and passenger capacity of the boat. Currently there are no specific criteria, and private yachts wishing to cruise and dive in Raja Ampat should seek the services of a yacht consultant to arrange entry and permits.

    Where to buy Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Tags:

    • Raja Ampat Tourism Management Team Office in Sorong, located in the JE Meridien (Directly opposite Sorong Airport entrance)
    • Waisai Tourist Information Center

    Contact information for the Tourism Management Team Office:
    Tel: +62 951 328 358

  • Private Yacht Provisioning

    While high quality supplies are easily found and imported into Bali, resources in the BHS are considerably more limited. It is important to understand the importance of organizing provisions for the entire trip prior to departure.
    Again, the Lighthouse Consultancy is a one-stop source for permits, advice and excellent provisioning services.