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Starling Resources is an Indonesia-based consulting firm established in 2006. As a group of business, community planning, conservation and finance specialists, Starling is committed to the effective design of solutions to positively address economic, social and environmental concerns with regard to management of natural resources throughout Indonesia, Asia Pacific and the world.
Starling Resources’ contribution to the Bird’s Head Seascape (BHS) initiative focuses on the development and implementation of strategies for effective long-term management of the BHS marine protected areas (MPAs). We partner with government, NGO, CSO, and private sector partners to ensure that the MPAs are sustainably financed, capably governed and strongly supported by local constituencies.

Starling works closely with local governments in the BHS to understand MPA management costs and appropriately consider effective MPA management and financing within government budgeting and planning processes. Our engagement with local governments also includes a focus on the organizational and capacity requirements of effective MPA management, supporting the development of appropriate institutional, legal and regulatory approaches to MPA management while also engaging in mentoring and capacity building with key government staff. In addition, our work with our partner, SeventyThree, centers on broadening and strengthening a base of support for the MPAs within the government, civil society, the private sector and among the public.

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