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“The Coral Sings of Hope” by Katie Rose Gurkin

Administrator’s note: “Katie Rose” Gurkin (full name: Katherine Rose Maurine Victoria Gurkin) is our god child.  She and her parents recently traveled with us to Misool Eco...
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Misool Resort “Virus Times”, an Update

Administrators note: Everything in the BHS is shut down.  But the work goes on.  This is another installment in our series of what is going on in Raja and the BHS while the virus wind rages...
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Rare Mantis Shrimp sighted in Raja Ampat! by Dr. Thomas Haider

Dr. Haider’s most recent email began with these words: “During these hard times maybe it would be nice to show the world the rare wonders of the Birds Head Seascape!!!! So I thought,...
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Blue Abadi Fund June ’19 Newsletter (English dan Bahasa)

ABOUT BLUE ABADI The Blue Abadi Fund is a dedicated conservation trust fund for the Bird’s Head Seascape that empowers local communities and agencies to sustainably manage their marine resources...
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Peluncuran Website BLUD UPTD KKP Raja Ampat

Peluncuran Website BLUD UPTD KKP Raja Ampat Sejak awal diresmikan pada tahun 2015, BLUD UPTD Kawasan Konservasi Perairan (KKP) Raja Ampat, sebagai badan pengelola kawasan konservasi perairan Raja...
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