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Seventythree is a management consulting firm operating at the nexus of the energy, natural resource, land-use and industrial sectors of developing and emerging markets and economies.

Seventythree provides a range of advisory and management services to private sector clients, governments, NGOs and philanthropists – ranging from the macro policy level to the factory or farm level. Seventy Three Pte.Ltd. is based in Singapore, with the capacity to execute projects in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Seventythree’s mission is to prove the case, with theory, evidence and demonstration, that respecting natural capital in the pursuit of profit and prosperity is a pre-condition for long-term sustainable development.

Our work in Bird’s Head Seascape
Seventythree has been funded by the WFF (Walton Family Foundation) as a BHS Initiative partner since 2013. They are the supporters of the Raja Ampat Home Stay Association and Stay Raja Ampat.

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