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Loving Mantas…to their detriment!

Note: This post is about the situation shown in the attached You Tube video located near the end of this story.  If you don’t view it, you’ll never be as concerned as you need to be...
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Raja Pioneer, Ricard Buxo by Don Silcock

Administrators Note: Don Silcock is an Australian underwater photographer and photojournalist based in Bali, Indonesia.  His non-commercial website, Indo-Pacific Images, is full of interesting...
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New “Flasher” Wrasse described in a recent study by Yi-Kai Tea and Fenton Walsh

Wrasses (the family Labridae), are the most abundant and conspicuous fishes on tropical reefs around the world. They are second largest family of marine fishes. Parrotfish are likely the best...
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The Story of EPI and The Pursuit of Inclusive Shark Science by Made Abiyoga Udaya

Among the myriad of marine species described globally are a group of cartilaginous fish, known as elasmobranchs. Ranging in size from mere centimeters to tens of meters, this extensive group...
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Raja: A Multifaceted Journey, part 1 by Burt Jones

I recently had the good fortune to spend almost 3 weeks at Misool Resort in SE Raja Ampat.  Although I’ve visited the Bird’s Head Seascape numerous times since Maurine’s and my...
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Bomberai and Fakfak Maps (with divesites & activities) Complete

We have been posting a series of recently surveyed dive sites in the Bird’s Head Seascape’s last frontier, Fakfak and the Bomberai peninsula.  This is the seventh and final post in...
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