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Shopping, Internet, and Eating Out

Looking for places to shop, curious about connecting to the internet or finding a great place to grab a bite?
  • Shopping

    One of the most popular gifts from Papua is batik cloth with Papuan motifs. Other Papuan handicrafts, mainly woodcarvings, bark paintings, and, of course, penis gourds or kotekas, are coveted by collectors worldwide. Good examples of authentic Papuan art are hard to find within the Bird’s Head as most of the better pieces have been exported. There are a few places, however, where a savvy shopper might pick up some interesting examples of local art.

    Aneka Batik
    Sorong – Jl. Selat Sagewin No. 01, Tel: (0951) 329 313, Jl. Samratulangi Kampung Baru Tel: (0951) 328 189
    Manokwari – Jl. Jend Sudirman No. 101, Tel: (0986)-212 561
    Kaimana – Jl. PTT (no phone)

    Irian Jaya Art/Toko Andalas
    Jl. Jend A Yani 8, Sorong
    Tel: (0951) 322 470

    Akwai Galeri
    Jl. Merdeka and Jl. Pasir Wasi Manokwari
  • Connecting to the Internet

    Most of the Bird’s Head is not yet connected to cyberspace. Internet cafes come and go, so check with your operator about the availability of connections on your liveaboard or resort. In Sorong and Manokwari Internet cafes and hotspots may be available at hotels or in a few shopping centers. 3G cell phone access is widespread in the Bird’s Head (particularly near all of the cities), so smartphone users will find it relatively easy to connect. Prepaid 3G SIM cards and top-up vouchers are widely available in stores and cellphone kiosks (in airports and towns anywhere in Indonesia) and are an excellent value for the money.
  • Eats

    Most hotels above have adequate restaurants and provide breakfast to their guests. If you have a layover and want to try a local restaurant, alternatives to the hotel dining room places are listed below:

    Lido Kuring (Seafood Restaurant) Jl. Yos Sudarso 3-A, Pantai Lido, Kampung baru (0951) 322971
    Sun Shine Beach Jl. Jend Sudarso, Pantai Lido, Kampung baru (0951) 322714
    Saiyo Jl. Arfak 33 (0951) 321141
    Sari Rasa Jl. Sam Ratulangi 88 (0951) 333838
    Ratu Sayang Jl. Lido Kampung baru (0951) 321184
    Malioboro Komplek Warung, tembok berlin +62 85254519461/ +62 813344431736
    Jela café Jl. Jend Sudirman +62 85243336635

    Aston Hotel & Restourant Sogun Hill, Jl Esau Sesa, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 212 333
    Mansinam Restourant Jl. Pasir Putih No.7, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 213 585
    Valdos Restourant Jl. Trikora No.38 Wosi, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 213 866
    Oriestom Restourant Jl. Merdeka, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 211 519
    Billi Jaya Cafe & Restourant Jl. Merdeka No.57, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 215 432
    Cinnamon Restaurant Jl. Merdeka, Orchid, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 2706 162
    Abreso Restourant Jl. Merdeka No.87, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 212 344
    Swiss Cafe Jl. Yos Sudarso No.8, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 212 999
    Lee Cafe Jl. Merdeka No.125, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 2714 118
    Hawai Bakery Cafe Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.101, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 212 189
    RM Salam Manis Jl. Merdeka No.56, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 852 4389 2971
    RM Permata Jl. Merdeka No.50, Manokwari - Papua Barat +62(0) 986 214 858

    Warunq Makan Casuarina Krooy. Jl. Casuarina +6281248904500
    Warung Makan Menado Samping Telkom +6281240959697
    Rumah Makan Ranah Minanq Kroov. Jl. Utarum Kmn +6281267023958
    Rumah Makan Soto Makasar Kroov. Jl. Utarum Kmn +6282187164299
    Warung Makan Melati Kroov. Jl. Utarum Kmn +6281354703824
    Warung Makan Singga dolo Krooy. Jl. Casuarina
    Warunq Makan Anqqi Krooy. Jl. Pelabuhan Kmn
    Warung Makan Pangkep Krooy. Jl. Utarum Kmn +6285255365709
    Warunq Sedap Krooy. Jl. Casuarina
    Rumah Makan Selia Kaki air kecil. Jln. Utarum Kmn