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Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive.

Conservation is about people. True, most environmental problems stem from human activity. But people also wield the solutions. Around the world bright spots of hope exist — sometimes in the least expected places carried out by the most unassuming people.

For the last 40 years, Rare has worked with communities in 56 countries to tackle environmental problems with locally-led solutions. Rare finds what works and repeats it.

Changing human behavior is a science typically found in commercial advertising and marketing. Rare uses the same process for conservation. Rare’s signature Pride campaigns use targeted marketing techniques to move the hearts and minds of local communities. Good ideas abound. Motivating people to adopt those ideas is Rare.

Rare partners with local organizations and trains local leaders to run Pride campaigns that inspire environmental conservation within the community, so change endures long after Rare’s direct involvement.

Since 2010, Rare has collaborated with Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and the local fisheries department to run seven Pride campaigns across the Bird’s Head Seascape. The campaigns have focused on gaining community support for, and compliance with, no-take zones and seasonal closure areas within marine protected areas. The campaigns have seen considerable success. Rare and its partners measured significant increases in understanding and willingness to comply with the zoning. Interest to participate in regular patrols to manage the areas soared. The sense of celebration and empowerment the campaigns have instilled in the communities have encouraged the adoption of behaviors that allow people and nature to thrive.

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