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Walking, swimming or hitching a ride? Phylogenetics and biogeography of the walking shark genus Hemiscyllium, Hemiscyllium Phylogeny 1596665785
Author(s): Christine L. Dudgeon, Shannon Corrigan, Lei Yang, Gerry R. Allen, Mark V. Erdmann, Fahmi, Hagi Y. Sugeha, William T. White and Gavin J. P. Naylor
Description: It can be challenging to identify the forces that drive speciation in marine environments for organisms that are capable of widespread dispersal because their contemporary distributions often belie the historical processes that were responsible for their initial diversification. In this contribution we explore the likely sequence of events responsible for the radiation of walking sharks in the genus Hemiscyllium using a dated molecular phylogeny. The nine currently recognised species in the genus consist of small, benthic sharks that are restricted to the Indo-Australian Archipelago and show limited dispersal at both juvenile and adult stages.

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Using wildlife for local livelihood – Experiences from the Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua, Indonesia 1561050495
Description: Wildlife products are valuable commodities, and wild meat is considered as premium value because it has a high value per unit weight compared with other forest products Wildlife products are commonly used for consumption purpose, generating household income and cultural reasons. Because cultural values differ among ethnic groups, it is important to understand how wildlife contributes to local livelihoods in different areas of the Bird’s Head Peninsula.

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Benefits of Sasi for Conservation of Marine Resources in Raja Ampat, Papua 1502734958
Author(s): Paulus Boli, Fredinan Yulianda, Ario Damar, Dedi Soedharma, Rilus Kinseng
Tags: Raja Ampat, conservation, Sasi
Description: Residents of Raja Ampat, Papua, have been practicing sasi for generations to manage local marine resources. Recognizing its importance for marine resource conservation, efforts have been made to integrate sasi into current conservation management approach. This study was carried out with 3 objectives: (1) to define and elaborate sasi; (2) to examine the benefits of sasi for conservation of marine resources; and (3) to evaluate the change of sasi in the context of conservation.

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Profil Kemiskinan Papua Barat 2010 1394827175
Author(s): BPS Provinsi Papua Barat
Tags: Papua Barat, Kemiskinan
Description: Jumlah penduduk miskin di Provinsi Papua Barat pada tahun 2009 sebanyak 256.840 jiwa (35,71persen) turun menjadi 256.250 jiwa (34,88 persen) pada tahun 2010. Selama periode 2009 – 2010, jumlah penduduk miskin turun 0,23 persen dan persentase penduduk miskin turun 0,83 poin.

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LGSP Final Report- Bird's Head Governance Initiative 2009 1394826996
Author(s): RTI International
Tags: West Papua, development, Bird's Head, Governance, USAID
Description: The USAID/Indonesia Local Governance Support Program implemented by RTI International1 directly supported “expanding participatory, effective and accountable governance,” as described in USAID’s Strategic Objectives Grant Agreement (SOAG) with the Government of Indonesia dated July 11, 2005.

The LGSP program in Bird’s Head was designed to assist local governments to:
• Enhance local planning, budgeting and financial management practices and transparency for more efficient resource management and accountability;
• Improve the decision-making and supervisory functions of local councils over financial and budget performance as the people’s elected representatives; and
• Increase the informed participation of local communities in local government development planning and budgeting deliberations that affect their futures.

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GRM Papua Assessment Report USAID Indonesia 2009 1394826804
Author(s): GRM International
Tags: West Papua, Papua, development, Environment, Poverty
Description: The purpose of this Assistance and Advisory document is to provide USAID with contemporary information on options for a multi-sector strategy for implementation in the
Indonesian Provinces of Papua and West Papua, as an integral part of the 2009-2013 Country Assistance Strategy.
Over a period of 38 days through two field periods - late November to 17 December; and 8– 24 January, the technical assessment team visited the provincial capitals of Jayapura and Manokwari and the regions of: Jayawijaya; Merauke; Mimika; Sorong; Sorong Selatan and Kaimana where officially documented data was collected. In addition a total of 125
respondents in Jakarta, and Papua and West Papua provided additional anecdotal information from the perspective of national, provincial and local governments; NGO’s faith-based organisations; universities, legislators, village community members and donor organizations.

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Bunga Rampai ALAMKU 2007 1394826545
Author(s): Anonymous
Tags: Papua, Papua Barat, OTSUS, Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Alam
Description: Pengrusakan hutan akibat aktivitas illegal logging...Dengan demikian meminimalkan kebocoran-kebocoran dana hasil pemanfaatan sumber daya hutan kayu yang merugikan
negara yang seharusnya dapat meningkatkan sumber pendapatan asli daerah guna peningkatan kesejahteraan masyarakat melalui pemanfaatan sumber daya hutan
secara berkelanjutan.

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Up For Grabs: Deforestation And Exploitation In Papua's Plantations Boom 1393962059
Author(s): Telepak; EIA
Tags: Papua, Deforestation, exploitation, biofuels, wilderness
Description: The unique forests of Papua are under siege from the rampant spread of plantations. Up to five million hectares of land have been targeted for conversion to grow
crops like oil palm, with the projected global demand for biofuels driving much of this conversion.

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Historical Ecology Of The Raja Ampat Archipelago 1393961793
Author(s): Maria Palomares; Johanna Heymans
Tags: Raja Ampat, Fisheries, Overfishing, Resource Management, Historical
Description: This report presents a review of the status of marine resources of the Raja Ampat Archipelago, Papua Province, Indonesia based on narratives of early European expeditions in various museums and libraries in Europe and also local archives in Papua.

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