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The Indonesian Liveaboard Association, legally registered as “Jangkar”, is an association representing the owners and employees of liveaboard vessels within Indonesian waters. The objective is to provide services such as “one voice” representation, forums, blogs, resources and all manners of assistance to its members.
The Indonesian Liveaboard Association is not only about protecting the interests of its members. There are a lot of very passionate members, who have invested heavily into the liveaboard industry, due to their love of the ocean. These operators share their passion for the Indonesian Archipelago every day with customers that come from many walks of life and countries around the world. These liveaboard operators need to set an example through their actions.
Here are a few of the important missions that we feel are crucial:

  • To provide good quality safe vessels for marine tourism.
  • To achieve smooth operations by negotiating practical and logical regulations with the government.
  • Work to a code of conduct and enhance the reputation of the Indonesian liveaboard industry.
  • Showcase how competitors can work together for the best interests of all involved.
  • Educate the children of Indonesia to become stewards of the ocean.
  • Set the example relating to environmental policies and respect of nature. (Waste management as an example)
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