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The Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center is located at Udayana University, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Opened in 2010, the primary aim of the IBRC is to increase biodiversity and conservation research capacity in Indonesia. We achieve this aim by providing research facilities, training young Indonesian scientists, and building strong international research networks.

The facilities and educational activities of the IBRC provide opportunities for young scientists, university faculty, and NGO staff to expand their knowledge and abilities to conduct biodiversity research. These resources and activities also attract leading biodiversity scientists from around the world, creating a strong international research network focused on Indonesian biodiversity. Within three years of its establishment, IBRC has trained more than 200 students, currently houses 8 resident researchers and is facilitating research with six universities across Indonesia. More than 20 universities are expected to join IBRC research networks in 2014.

IBRC is keen to provide wide-ranging scientific support to protect and conserve the Bird’s Head Seascape, one of the richest biodiversity hotspots on the planet. In the past three years, IBRC has been collaborating with Conservation International in describing new marine species from the BHS area using modern genetic approaches. IBRC is also currently applying a standardized method, ARMS (Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures) around BHS areas to understand the ecological processes that drive high biodiversity in the BHS and to quantify how human activities impact marine biodiversity.

The IBRC is committed to the sustainability of Indonesian biodiversity. The goal of our involvement in the BHS partnership is to support and strengthen biodiversity conservation efforts in Indonesia by nurturing Indonesian biodiversity scientists who will become leaders and advocates for biodiversity sustainability, and provide scientific data required to support biodiversity management planning.
While the IBRC is located in Denpasar, Bali, we maintain strong collaborations with many universities in Indonesia. IBRC is planning to expand its research infrastructure by building new facilities in western Bali in the upcoming years and hope to expand through new partnerships into Eastern Indonesia. We hope this will catalyze the growth of science advancement in Indonesia and in BHS area in particular.

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