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Proyek StAR dari Pandangan Seorang Shark Nanny oleh Kyra Wicaksono

Bagi pembaca yang mungkin pernah bertanya bagaimana saya dapat memiliki pekerjaan terkeren se-dunia, seorang shark nanny, ini cerita saya: Saya besar di kota Jakarta, kota terpadat di Indonesia,...
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StAR Project through the Eyes of a “Shark Nanny” by Kyra Wicaksono

For those who might wonder about how I landed the coolest job in the world, a “shark nanny”, here’s my story: I grew up in the middle of Jakarta, the capital and most crowded city in...
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Misool Foundation Newsletter – February 2024

Misool Foundation Newsletter View this email in your browser f e b r u a r y  2 0 2 4 R A J A   A M P A T,    I N D O N E S I A The Science Special This one is for the fish geeks and nature nerds...
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StAR Project Update, part 4 by Made Abiyoga Udaya

This is part 4 of the series. Administrator’s note: In September of 2021 we first introduced the ambitious StAR project, which will hopefully re-wild Raja Ampat with the charismatic Zebra...
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World First Endangered Shark Rewilding Program Launches In Indonesia

WORLD FIRST ENDANGERED SHARK REWILDING PROGRAM LAUNCHES IN INDONESIA Press Release Global collaboration, StAR, to re-establish once abundant zebra sharks in Raja Ampat. SORONG, RAJA AMPAT, 30...
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Introducing ReShark

Those of you who follow the BHS know we have been frequently posting about a project called StAR, which is in the process of re-wilding the Leopard/Zebra Shark (Stegostoma tigrinum) to one of its...
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