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Land Adventures and Resorts

Need information about tours, need a guide, or a place to stay?

Land Adventures and Resorts

Need information about tours, need a guide, or a place to stay?
  • Land Adventures and Resorts in the Bird’s Head Seascape

    While the Bird's Head Seascape is famed for its unparalleled marine life, West Papua's terrestrial environment is also considered one of the planet's wildest and unexplored lands. Mountains, jungles, rivers and remote villages can be explored with the help of local guides. Below is a short list of land-based activities and services in the Bird's Head, followed by a list of local guides who can help you plan terrestrial adventures in the BHS.

    Bird Watching With more than 600 avian species, the BHS is a birding hotspot. Some liveaboards organize early morning treks to see the red bird of paradise in northern Raja Ampat, but more serious birding treks can be booked by contacting:

    Kayaking  Rent locally made kayaks and stay in village homestays while exploring the archipelago's hidden regions:

    Trekking   A myriad of hikes and longer, multi-day treks can be arranged throughout the BHS.  Some of the better-known routes are within the Arfak Mountains near Manokwari and the Baliem Valley.  Contacts that can help arrange treks in or near the BHS include:

    Other activities that may be arranged through your liveaboard or resort:

    Visiting the turtle nesting beaches in the Kawe MPA, near Kaimana's Venu Island, and the leatherback beaches along West Papua's north shore near Jamursba-Medi.

    Observing the ancient rock art sites in Bitsari bay near Kaimana, around Misool in Raja Ampat, Bintuni Bay (Kokas), and around Cenderawasih Bay.

    Exploring the past at Dutch colonial sites on Cenderawasih's Roon Island or Triton Bay's Lobo Village. World War II also left its mark on the BHS.  Visit sites near Lobo Village, Kokas, around Biak, near FakFak on the way to Triton Bay, and also near Manokwari, especially the underwater wrecks.

    For visitors to Sorong visit the Sorong-West Papua website to explore the ever expanding goods and services available there:

  • BHS Tour Guides

    While we have vetted this contact information, please be aware that it can change without notice. The Tourism Management Team Office located in the JE Meridien Hotel in Sorong can also help put you in touch with other local guides. Text messages are often best way to contact guides, especially if you are already in Indonesia.

    Stay Raja Ampat is your one-stop resource for guide services in R4.

    For additional information on tours, recommendations and to make reservations call: Amy at +628114852033

    To contact a local guide directly, please use the list below:

    Ranny - Raja Ampat tour guide, custom tour consultant, mediator/translator. Ranny can help you organize your visit at any homestay, should you not be able to one directly. She is also the middleman for organizing bird watching tours, cultural tours/sights and trekking activities in Raja Ampat.
    Tel: +6281354054198

    Robben Sauyai - Diving, snorkeling, finding invisible reef creatures, arranging accommodation and transport, problem solving
    Tel: +6281344174787

    Paulus Sauyai - Nudibranch discovery, snorkeling, bird watching, trekking, boat explorations, sea kayak tours
    Tel: +6282198667199
    Email: none

    Pak Yesaya Mayor - Guide for birds of paradise viewing and forest trekking at Sawinggrai on Gam Island
    Tel: +6282199056132
    Email: none

    Charles Roring – bird watching tours in West Papua, in the Arfak Mountains and lowland rainforests
    Tel: +6281332245180

  • Homestays in the BHS

    Homestays in Raja Ampat
    Homestays are one of the best ways to experience village life in the Seascape. There are a myriad of choices but Stay Raja Ampat is the most comprehensive up-to-date resource and is the best way to contact the various homestays. Stay Raja Ampat is a not-for-profit website devoted to supporting locally owned accommodation and eco-tourism businesses in Raja Ampat. SRA supports the efforts of the community based Raja Ampat Local Homestay Business Enterprise Association and delivers regularly updated, comprehensive information and guest reviews of the many traditional accommodation options and guided activities that the communities of Raja Ampat have established throughout the islands.
    Visit Stay Raja Ampat

    Homestays in Cenderawasih Bay
    For a home stay in Kwatisore Bay and the Whaleshark Experience:
    Visit Kali Lemon

    Homestays in Triton Bay
    At the present time there are no homestays in the area.
  • Resorts in the BHS

    Most land-based accommodations in the BHS are currently situated in Raja Ampat, and most of these are within a few hours boat ride from Sorong. Each has its own personality and area of expertise, and there are styles to fit every taste and budget. Check carefully before booking as some resorts may close seasonally.

    Raja Ampat

    Kri Eco Resort -
    Sorido Bay Resort -
    Misool Eco Resort -
    Raja Ampat Dive Lodge -
    Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort -
    Raja Ampat Dive Resort -
    Raja4Divers -
    Doberai Eco Resort (Urai Island) –
    Papua Explorers Dive Resort (Gam Island) –
    Pandawa Dive Resort -
    Papua Paradise Eco Resort -
    Wai Eco Resort -
    Cove Eco Resort -

    Triton Bay

    Triton Bay Divers -

  • Hotels in the Seascape’s Gateway Cities


    Swiss-Belhotel Sorong, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Tel: +62 (0951) 321 199; Fax: +62 (0951) 321 198;

    Marina Mamberamo Hotel, Yos sudarso No.1 (Tembok Berlin), Kampung Baru, Tel: +62 (0951) 328 566; Fax: +62 (0951) 328 234

    JE Meridien, Jl. Basuki Rahmat KM 7, email:, Tel: +62 (0951) 327 999; Fax: +62 (0951) 329 121

    Royal Mamberamo, Jl. Dr. Sam Ratulangi No. 35, email:, Tel: +62 (0951) 325 666, Fax: +62 (0951) 325 667

    The Luxio Hotel, Jl. Basuki Rahmad KM 12, email:, Tel: +62 (0951) 335 777


    Swiss Belhotel Manokwari, Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 8, email:, Tel: +62 (0986) 212 999, Fax: +62 (0986) 212 777

    Aston Nui Manokwari, Shogun Hill, Jl. Esau Sesa Block B - 3, email:, Tel: +62 (0986) 212 333, Mobile: +62 (0813) 4438 5777 or +62 (0812) 2221 9878

    Hotel Masinam Beach Resort, Jl. Pasir Putih, no. 7, Kenari Tinggi Kwawi, email:, Tel: +62(0986) 213 585; Fax +62 (0986) 213 339


    Kaimana Beach Hotel, Krooy Jl. Utarum, Tel: +62 (0957) 21243