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In 1993 the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Centre (RARCC) introduced conservation and community-related projects to the region. We work as much as possible with local indigenous communities because we believe that involving them in tourism projects is a key solution to preserving Raja Ampat’s world class marine life.

Through employment in the tourism industry, we have created an alternative to livelihoods based on destructive practices such as logging, blast fishing, shark finning, and turtle poaching. People with ties to environmentally destructive industries are welcomed to our team. They help us and our conservation efforts by providing insight into how to counter these practices.

Since establishing RARCC we have formed close working relationships with Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, WWF and local NGOs. With conservation foremost in our minds, we strive to create sustainable marine tourism opportunities whenever possible. Based in the heart of Raja Ampat and adjacent to Sorido Resort, RARCC, welcomes the opportunity to work with like-minded people and organizations, offering a well-established base from which to conduct environmental research, conservation work and community development projects.