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A Spanish dancer? No! A troupe of dancers: a review of the family Hexabranchidae by various authors

Administrator’s note: Nudibranchs in the genus Hexabranchus, commonly known as Spanish Dancers, are found in both the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Consequently they are encountered...
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Raja: A Multifaceted Journey, part 1 by Burt Jones

I recently had the good fortune to spend almost 3 weeks at Misool Resort in SE Raja Ampat.  Although I’ve visited the Bird’s Head Seascape numerous times since Maurine’s and my...
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Bomberai and Fakfak Maps (with divesites & activities) Complete

We have been posting a series of recently surveyed dive sites in the Bird’s Head Seascape’s last frontier, Fakfak and the Bomberai peninsula.  This is the seventh and final post in...
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