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Comprehensive new Raja Ampat Tourism Brochure Released!

Raja Ampat MPAs Management Authority and BLUD UPTD Pengelolaan Kawasan Konservasi di Perairan Kepulauan Raja Ampat in conjunction with the Southwest Papua’s Agency of Food and Agriculture, Marine and Fisheries have recently released a very comprehensive tourism brochure designed for new visitors and those who want to know more about the region’s available activities, services and conservation initiatives, including its network of Marine Protected Areas.  It provides an overview of the area’s attractions, including logistics for travel and accommodation.  Likewise the brochure offers insight into the native population’s history and culture, endemic species, like Bird’s of Paradise and walking sharks, along with a myriad of other endemic fish and terrestrial species.  It is an essential read for all visitors, new or returning.  And service providers might even learn a few new facts!

Click here to view and download the brochure.

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