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WORLD CLEANUP DAY: TAMAN WISATA ALAM SORONG dilaporkan oleh: Nikka Gunadharma

WORLD CLEANUP DAY: BBKSDA PAPUA BARAT BERSAMA MITRA BERSIHKAN TAMAN WISATA ALAM SORONG Dilaporkan Oleh: Nikka Gunadharma Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Sorong memiliki nilai ekologis yang tinggi. Selain...
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World Clean-up Day: Sorong Nature Park by Nikka Gunadharma

WORLD CLEANUP DAY: WEST PAPUA OFFICE OF CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES* AND CO. CLEANUP SORONG NATURE PARK Reported by: Nikka Gunadharma*** Sorong Nature Park** possesses a high ecological...
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Ranger Patrols up to Feb ’21 and Entrance Fees Update by Allan Ramandey*a**

Update on Entrance Fee Dear readers, during the course of February 2021 the Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority’s*** rangers – or the Jaga Laut – conducted a total of 73 patrol sessions across seven...
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