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Life on a (Sea) Pen by Maurine Shimlock and Burt Jones

On one of my first night dives “many” years ago, I saw what looked like a feather or an old-fashioned quill pen sticking out of the substrate.   Being a novice diver, I was so...
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Meet Sophie Azam, Papua Explorers’ new SEA Centre manager

We met Sophie Azam on a windless day last January during a short visit to Papua Explorers Resort.  We were there to check out the SEA Centre, where Sophie is the new manager. A career in project...
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“How can baby reef manta rays be so cute?” By Edy Setyawan

Babies are babies. They are adorable. Just like a human baby, baby reef manta rays are so cute.  How come? Although they are the mini-version of their parents, they are ‘tiny’ compared to adult...
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