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WORLD CLEANUP DAY: TAMAN WISATA ALAM SORONG dilaporkan oleh: Nikka Gunadharma

WORLD CLEANUP DAY: BBKSDA PAPUA BARAT BERSAMA MITRA BERSIHKAN TAMAN WISATA ALAM SORONG Dilaporkan Oleh: Nikka Gunadharma Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Sorong memiliki nilai ekologis yang tinggi. Selain...
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Spending time in Sorong? This new website will be useful!

A long time manager at Raja4Divers Resort on Pulau Pef, has recently created a website for visitors stopping over in Sorong on their way to various BHS destinations.  While managing the resort...
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The Misool Filling Station

The Misool Filling Station Misool Eco Resort is very excited to welcome you to their new Sorong cafe and boutique!  The Misool Filling Station is located directly across the street from the...
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