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Spending time in Sorong? This new website will be useful!

A long time manager at Raja4Divers Resort on Pulau Pef, has recently created a website for visitors stopping over in Sorong on their way to various BHS destinations.  While managing the resort Gunda, kept answering the same questions, where to eat/what to do/how to get around in Sorong.  Now we can all thank Gunda for launching the website,  The site’s purpose is to:

  1. provide information on where to eat out, where to stay, and what to do when in Sorong
  2. provide the information needed to plan a vacation to Raja Ampat or West Papua
  3. review interesting facts and tell great stories about life in Raja Ampat, West Papua, and Indonesia through regular blog posts
  4. provide the possibility to book flights and hotels in Sorong, and tours to Raja Ampat or the highlands of West Papua (coming soon)

Gunda says the site will never really be completed as she will continue to add new information as it becomes available.

So, the next time you are heading to Sorong, which until very recently suffered from a lack of services, check out the site!  And enjoy your stay while eating and sleeping well.  Have fun.

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