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Two Bizarre Fish Tales by Bill Macdonald

Research on bizarre fishes by the late MOTE Marine Lab founder Dr Eugenie Clark.
The fish Dr Clark researched are the convict fish (Pholidichthys leucotaenia) and the sympatric, venomous catfish (Plotosus lineatus). These fish practice “swarming” vs “schooling” behavior. In addition, behavior of one of these species includes the fry regurgitating nourishment to the adults, the opposite of bird feeding behavior.
These two species of fish exhibit Batesian mimicry where a harmless fish species resembles a poisonous one. This program was filmed over a 10 year period and was inspired by Larry Smith the late Indonesian dive guide. Special thanks to Susan Macdonald and Dustin Macdonald for the many hours spent searching for these most unusual fish.

Bill Macdonald is a diver, videographer and independent producer of televised documentaries whose mission is to document aquatic resources, marine life, and watersheds. To view more of Bill’s amazing work click, here.