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Paolo Isgro

Paolo Isgro, lives in Northeastern Italy in the mountains of the Dolomites National Park.  He learned to dive in 2002 but after only 50 dives he became enamored with underwater photography.  Paolo began by shooting macro images while on holiday in Indonesia.  He now spends as much of his free time as possible traveling, diving and taking amazing underwater photos. With his camera as his “buddy”, he has logged nearly a 1000 dives in various hot spots throughout world.

Although completely self taught you would never know it by viewing his images.  Beginning with a passion for muck diving and macro photography, which he says he is still most comfortable shooting, you can see he has pushed himself to master all aspects of underwater image making.

So far, Paolo’s favorite dive destination is the Bird’s Head’s Triton Bay, which is a perfect place to combine his macro skills with his evolving fondness for wide-angle work. He has recently begun entering photo contests with impressive results.  His image of a humpback whale blowing bubbles recently garnered second place in the prestigious Underwater Photographer of the Year contest in the behavior category.

We are honored to have Paolo share his amazing images with us.  So look for his name to be featured in numerous magazines once we are diving again.

See more of Paolo’s impressive images on his Facebook page and Flickr site.

Also see Paolo’s incredible and super informative article on “Motion Blur” in DPG (Dive Photo Guide).