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Changing Demographics Requires a New Approach for BHS Travelers

Anyone who has traveled to Raja in the last few years will notice big changes.  There are a lot more people now and they aren’t just divers; they represent a new travel demographic.  Raja is still remote but getting there is becoming easier and less expensive.  The options for the traveler on a budget are multiplying, especially now that homestays are an option.   (Please visit our Partner’s site, Stay Raja Ampat, for information about homestays.)

Diver-oriented tourism, primarily liveaboard diving, is what put Raja and the BHS on the map.  But diving is expensive and besides there is much more to do than just dive in this fascinating part of the world.  More and more people are interested in terrestrial activities, cultural interactions, conservation issues, MPA management, etc.

So where can the new traveler to Raja get information?  As mentioned above, the homestay association is a great place to start.  But wouldn’t it be nice if you could communicate with someone who’s traveled there extensively and knows how to help You find what You want?  Enter Remote and Afloat, a new travel blog for the budget conscious traveler.  Granted their blogs cover more than just Raja (a good thing!) but for the traveler interested in really having an all-round unique experience R+A might be what you are looking for.  After all R+A’s stated goals are to:

  • Discover true hidden gems away from the tourist trails
  • Help preserve the world precious coral reefs
  • Engage in authentic cultural experiences
  • Experience nature and beauty in unspoiled surroundings
  • Snorkel + dive pristine coral reefs
  • Live a more fulfilling lifestyle

If you are seeking the feeling of the unknown your journey should not be one of fear or doubt, but more of freedom and peace – Which R+A believes is the ultimate gift of travel.

Visit R+A’s site and get to know Claire and Nick, chances are they are your kind of people.

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