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“Granted, there are whale shark spots and reefs with schooling fish that are easier to reach from Europe than Kaimana in West Papua. However, Triton Bay is located in an area with one of the highest biodiversity of marine life in the world.  The remoteness and the fact that you will rarely find another diver infront of the lens – is priceless, especially in combination with the individual service given by Triton Bay Divers, which is currently the only resort in the area. Within 7 months a dive resort was built under the direction of Leeza English and Jimmy Thai, which is characterized by excellent service and excellent food. No matter how difficult the journey is … the experience is more than worth it and I would stay here again!”

Martin Gerber (Switzerland) has been diving since 1996. He took up videography ten years later, 2006, while visiting Central Sulawesi. Although videography is only a hobby, it has become his passion.  He prefers diving and videoing in Indonesia, which he visits 2 to 3 times per year.  He especially likes “muck diving” and the critters.  To view more of Martin’s work check out his Vimeo channel,