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Bomberai and Fakfak Maps (with divesites & activities) Complete

We have been posting a series of recently surveyed dive sites in the Bird’s Head Seascape’s last frontier, Fakfak and the Bomberai peninsula.  This is the seventh and final post in the series, which includes all the regional maps with divesites/activities/etc.

To read about last year’s expedition of discovery click here, survey of the Bomberai peninsula, Fakfak and its surrounding waters.  (Additionally click here to read an article in DAN’s Alert Diver magazine Q4-’22 about the expedition.)

The idea is to expand the itineraries of LOB’s transiting between Raja and Triton Bay.  Now that we have finished adding all the sites including topside activities for each area, a LOB is able to create a leisurely stand-alone itinerary in the vast region between the Pisangs and Momon.

To access each area’s dive site info including maps, GPS coordinates, dive directions, surrounding activities and images, open the website, hover over and/or click on Maps in the top tier menu.  Click on Bomberai/Fakfak to bring up the regional map or click here, regional map.  This map contains yellow circles with pulsing red rings for all the areas we surveyed.  Click on any red circle to bring up that area’s map with its activities.  Hover on a dive flag to highlight a dive site.  Then click on the flag to bring up that site’s information.  You may also click on View Activities (where applicable) for more info on the area.

Note: There are two yellow rings, Kokas and Kaimana which are not active.  Kokas, while being the regional population center on the North side of the Bomberai peninsula, doesn’t have good diving due to the visibility being compromised by copious amounts of fresh water in the bay.  Kaimana is the area that includes Triton Bay, one of the Crown Jewels of the Birdshead. It has its own map.  For Triton Bay (Kaimana) map and info click here, Triton Bay.

At the moment Fakfak and the Bomberai is barely on most divers “bucket list”.  Our intent and the reason for this survey is to expand the tourism opportunities in the Bird’s Head Seascape, assist locals in generating income, while using the LOB’s presence to patrol the area for illegal activities.  More exploratory work needs to be done in his little known and basically unexplored region but this survey provides a huge leap forward.

A huge thanks to our web designers at New Media Soup, Joel and Jennifer Penner and to master map maker, Garry Bevan.  Garry is a renaissance man!  Besides making maps he’s a cruise director, author, content creator, dive tech and a musician.  He is presently working on a series of dive and cruising guides of Indonesia.  If you need someone to sort things out, while making you laugh, Garry is your man.  Without the assistance of the Pindito and it’s owner Edi Frommenwiler this trip would not have been possible.  So a big shout out of thanks go to them as well.

Note: Attention Cruise Directors!  Please let us know if you find errors, new sites or activities.  Thank you

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