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Sueviota minersorum, a new species of sponge-dwelling goby named in honor of the Miners family (Misool Eco Resort) by Greenfield, Erdmann, Utama

If you have ever been to Raja Ampat, or even contemplated going, you have heard of Misool.  Misool is the southernmost of the 4 major islands that comprise Raja Ampat (Four Kings).  So Misool is one of the Kings!  If you have been to Raja, then it’s likely you have heard of or perhaps even stayed at Misool Eco Resort (MER), which is located in the heart of Misool’s best diving.  The resort defines the term “eco-resort” and has been lovingly nurtured by its owners, Andy and Marit Miners, since construction began in 2005.  They employ over a 100 locals and protect 300,000 acres of ocean.  MER has won virtually every resort and eco-award imaginable.  The success of MER is critical to the success of conservation efforts in the Bird’s Head Seascape.

Almost every year, Dr. Mark Erdmann, who is a Conservation International VP, Marine Programs Director for the South Pacific Fish, and the man who “built” Raja Ampat’s conservation programs along with Dr. Gerald Allen, the worlds’ leading tropical ichthyologist are hosted by MER for Fish Geek Week (FGW).  During the week the good Dr.’s present seminars and do their best to discover new fish species.   (So far, they always have!)  FGW 2019 was no exception.  One of the cool finds of 2019’s FGW, a beautiful sponge-dwelling goby has officially been named, Sueviota minersorum, in honor of the Miners family.

Erdmann writes, “You’ve had all manner of awards from all sorts of organizations for your fantastic work and visionary conservation leadership, but I reckon I’m probably the first to hand you a fish named after you – congratulations!!!  I thought it particularly fitting to name this one for you both – a beautiful goby that is nearly impossible to catch, so far known only from Misool, and with a quirky and seldom-used Latin suffix that makes clear the fish is named after the whole Miners’ family (as opposed to minersi, which would mean named after one of you, and probably the masculine one at that). I can’t help but think Marit will be pleased with the etymology section that begins “The specific epithet is a latinized plural eponym, a noun in the genitive case….”.

So from the BHS website team, we are very proud to announce this well-deserved honor bestowed to the Andy and Marit Miners.

To read the official publication click here, Sueviota minersorum.

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