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Indonesian Floating Classroom Comes to the Big Screen by Angela Beer

The MV Kalabia, an environmental education boat in Indonesia, arrives in a new village in the Raja Ampat archipelago. (© 2014 IMAX Corporation and MacGillivray Freeman Films. IMAX® is a...
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The Indonesian Throughflow: Fifteen Thousand Rivers by David Pickell

The Indonesian Throughflow: The Fifteen Thousand Rivers If Indonesia did not exist, the earth’s day would be significantly shorter than the approximately twenty-four hours to which we have become...
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Cenderawasih Bay: Living Laboratory of Evolution, text and photographs by Dr. Gerald Allen

Cenderawasih Bay: Living Laboratory of Evolution Several marine biological surveys by the authors and colleagues during 2006-2010 at Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua uncovered a wealth of new...
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