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Stephen Frink

Administrator’s note:  Most of you know Stephen Frink and the fact that he is the publisher of Alert Diver magazine.  He’s an old friend.  We go back to the film days. In fact, he was our first photographic agent!  He recently hosted a trip to the Bird’s Head Seascape’s crown jewel Raja Ampat.  Apparently he had a great trip, which should be more than apparent when you read his comments and peruse the images he has so kindly shared with us.  Look for more in his upcoming article in the magazine.

Stephen’s words:

“Raja Ampat was excellent. It was definitely worth it.  We enjoyed good vis and good weather throughout.

The hard coral cover in Kri/Dampier Strait region was outstanding, especially for me coming from all the dire coral mortality we suffered in Florida Keys and Caribbean last summer. The 100% acropora coral mortality back home vs 100% coral cover we enjoyed in several places was a striking and inspiring counterpoint.

Then there was the Misool region. For a wide angle shooter, it was paradise. Plus the fish were noticeably more approachable upon entering the Misool Marine Reserve, and the soft corals world class.

I’ll be going back!”

Schooling Barracuda

Diver/photographer under overhang

Wonderpus Octopus w/ Lizardfish

Wobbegong Shark

Green Turtle

Divers w/ Glassfish

Capturing an image



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