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Maps Updated and New Site Maps Added

Maps Updated

As many of you know, we have recently updated the site. One of the new features can be found in the very popular Maps section.  On first glance the regional maps will not look different but they now have a zoom feature, a major improvement.  One of the problems with the original maps was the dive flags appeared to be on top off each other when the respective site’s locations were nearby.  This caused confusion and made locating a specific site problematic.  Now when you visit a map you can use either the “+ / -” symbols (top left) or (better yet) a “zoom” mouse to expand the map, which will separate adjacent flags so you can easily find the dive site you wish to locate.  By hovering over a dive flag a pop-up dialog indicates the site’s name.  By clicking on the dive flag the specific site’s info page pops-up with GPS location, recommended dive directions and lens option, site maps (when we have them) and a gallery of images taken at the site.
Note: There are nearly 200 dive sites on the maps.  We always welcome new photos or information about a site.  So send them to us and help improve the map experience.

New Dive Site Maps

by Agus Wongkar

Arborek Jetty, Dampier Strait

Agus Wongkar is one of the Bird’s Head Seascape’s more knowledgeable dive guides.  Originally from Gorontalo, on the south (Lembeh) coast of the long northern peninsula of Sulawesi Island.  Although lesser familiar, Gorontalo is a destination but Agus is known by many BHS visitors for the years he spent in Raja and the Bird’s Head working for the liveaboard’s Damai and Tambora.  Agus now works as a guide on the live aboard, Carpe Diem (Seize the Day).  During his years of guiding diver in Raja, Agus created many detailed dive site maps.  He has graciously shared a few with us.


Batu Lima, Dampier Strait

Citrus Ridge, West Waigeo

These and all the other maps Agus shared with us will be found on each dive site’s info page in Maps on the site.


Manta Sandy, Dampier Strait

Additional dive site maps that Agus shared include:
Blue Magic (Dampier Strait)
Sardine Reef (Dampier Strait)
Chicken Reef (Dampier Strait)
Kri Point (Dampier Strait)
Mioskan (Dampier Strait)
Sardine Reef (Dampier Strait)
Mangrove Ridge (West Waigeo)
Check all of them out in Maps!

Thanks Agus and all the best fishes…

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