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Blue Abadi Fund June ’19 Newsletter (English dan Bahasa)


The Blue Abadi Fund is a dedicated conservation trust fund for the Bird’s Head Seascape that empowers local communities and agencies to sustainably manage their marine resources by procuring local revenue sources and providing complimentary grants.

By providing steady and ongoing funding for the core operations of the Seascape, the Blue Abadi Fund aims to ensure that the results of the Bird’s Head Seascape endure in perpetuity: “Abadi” means forever in Indonesian.


Empowered West Papuan communities, governments and local partners protect their critical coastal and marine ecosystems, thereby protecting the single greatest reservoir of tropical marine species on the planet, while enhancing food security, livelihoods and their traditional way of life.


Use financial resources to ensure that marine ecosystems & species of the Bird’s Head Seascape are sustainably managed and protected by local environmental stewards, providing benefits to local communities.

This month’s newsletter includes news and information about:
1. Turtle Monitoring Training carried out by the University of Papua (UNIPA) on West Papua’s north coast at Jeen Yessa Beach. This training aimed to generate trained conservationists to carry out turtle monitoring activities.
2. A courtesy visit to the UNIPA’s Planning and Cooperation board.
3.  A capacity training workshop, held in West Papua’s capitol city, Manokwari for Cycle-2 BAF Grant recipients on program implementation and reporting as well as financial management and administration.
4. ToT (Training of the Trainer), A workshop to train prospective marine environmental educators in 9 North 
Misool villages.

5. Releasing of Turtle Hatchlings on West Papua’s north coast. 

To read the newsletter click here, BAF June ’19 Newsletter.
For Bahasa readers click here, BAF June ’19 Newsletter (Bahasa)

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