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Special BHS “Endemics” Gallery by Gerald Allen

As many of you know we have a new site feature called “Gallery”.  Gallery features 12 images from a photographer’s library of favorite’s taken anywhere, at any time, in the Bird’s Head.  This special Gallery is different.  It features an ever ascending number of images of the endemic species found in the BHS.  So if you photograph a fish and can’t find it in the books, you might have an image of an endemic species.  They are all here and as new ones are found or discovered the Gallery will update.

All the images in this special BHS Endemics Gallery were taken by our famous, resident “Fish Geek”, Dr. Gerald Allen.

Dr. Gerald (Gerry) R. Allen is the world’s leading tropical marine ichthyologist, and a frequent contributor to this site.  He is the author of over 400 scientific articles and 35 books.  Along with co-author Dr. Mark Erdmann, he recently released his Magnum Opus, the 3-volume Reef Fishes of the East Indies.

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