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A snorkeler visits Raja and brings home images to share by Sandra Critelli

A snorkeler visits Raja and brings home images to share

by Sandra Critelli

Sandra was born in Como, Italy where she started her career in Textile Design.  She then moved to New York and started to travel and explore the world.

A vibrant Raja Ampat Seafan, ©Sandra Critelli

Mixed Hard Corals, ©Sandra Critelli

Sandra says, “During my trips I was inspired to combine my artistic background with a deep appreciation of nature to bring home beautiful images that will always be a great reminder of how nature is great and we need to preserve it. Photography is a means of expression for me. It is my way of conveying my passion and admiration for the beauty and balance that exist in nature. I hope my work will help, even a little bit, to contribute creating awareness about conservation issues. I travelled to many different remote and mostly unspoiled region of the world, I love every single one of them.  One of my most favorite destinations is the Bird’s Head Seascape’s Raja Ampat.  I love the underwater world, so full of amazing creatures, unique shapes, forms, colors….great inspirations for photography. I’ve also met some incredible people during my trips, which have contributed to the creation of some unforgettable experiences.”

Dancing Star, ©Sandra Critelli

Leather Coral Colonies, ©Sandra Critelli

Sandra is a snorkeler only.  And snorkeling is a growing demographic in Raja.  With over 2500 islands and reefs to explore, which are surrounded by over 50% of the world’s soft coral species and 75% of the world’s hard corals, not to mention 1800 species of fish (and counting), is it any wonder?

These are the world’s richest seas!

Please enjoy Sandra’s snorkeling images and to view more of her work, visit her website, Sandra Critelli.


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