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Paradise Regained by Douglas Seifert

Paradise Regained

by Douglas Seifert

Yellow Sweepers seek shelter beneath a plate coral

World renown marine life image maker Douglas Seifert shares another article from WATER COLUMN his regular feature in Dive Magazine (UK), about the on-going efforts to save one of the last great reef ecosystems on the planet, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, a part of the Bird’s Head Seascape.  To read the entire article click here, Paradise Regained.  We are honored to feature Doug’s work and a few of the wonderful images he has kindly shared.  This is the second submission from Douglas.  There will be more!  Thanks again, Doug.

Tail Spot Blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura) peeks from its hole, Raja



Oceanic Manta Ray

Douglas Seifert is Dive Magazine‘s World Editor and the sole writer-photographer-creator of WATER COLUMN.  To view more of his work visit Douglas’s website.

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