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Repeat Visitor shares New Images by Stewart Galloway

Repeat Visitor shares New Images

by Stewart Galloway

Stewart Galloway is an ophthalmologist with a passion for diving and underwater photography. He began diving in 2004 and carried a small point and shoot underwater on his very first dives, followed quickly by the transition to compact and onward to DSLR. Raja Ampat is his absolute favorite dive destination because “Raja simply has it all…incredible macro, reef scenics, hard coral, soft coral, schooling fish, mantas, whales, and all the peace and serenity you could dream up!”

Stewart is not only a frequent traveler to the BHS but also a frequent contributor to the site.  To view Stewart’s BHS Gallery click here.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a selection of Stewart’s newest Raja images.

Reefscape with swimming Wobbegong Shark and Schooling Big Eye Trevally


Schooling Sweetlips and baitfish


Reef Cuttlefish


Manta over a fan


Schooling Spadefish near surface


Reefscape w/ Schooling Lined Snappers and vase sponge colony


Thanks Stewar!  Your images just keep getting better and better.





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