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Raja Ampat and Triton Bay filmed in 8K by Hergen Spalink

This incredible film was created by Hergen Spalink of Got Muck using the RED Digital Cinema camera in a Nauticam housing.  Of course you can’t view it in 8K unless you have a very expensive (read; not yet commercially available) monitor.  In fact this film was rendered in 4K just so it could be viewed by consumers.  The imagery is outstanding.  Chances are you’ve never seen the Bird’s Head so beautifully captured unless you’ve been there yourself and have a good memory.  Sit back and enjoy the next 7 minutes.

Raja Ampat and Triton Bay on RED Digital Cinema courtesy of Nauticam USA shot by Hergen Spalink of #GotMuck!
These incredible scenes of schooling fish, healthy reefs, hunting Mobula Rays, cruising Manta Rays, and Whalesharks, would not be possible without the hard work of organizations like Misool Foundation MisoolMisool Manta Project Triton Bay Divers and the raising of awareness by Conservation International and Bird’s Head Seascape.
We are extremely lucky that places like this still exist, and that these organizations are protecting them!!

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