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Go Wide…in the Bird’s Head Seascape by Beth Watson

Go Wide…in the Bird’s Head Seascape…

by Beth Watson

Raja Ampat-6024-Edit

Reefscape at “Black Rock” off Kawe Island, Raja Ampat

Diving the Bird’s Head Seascape is like none other; it is without a doubt extraordinary! The visual impact of the topography and plethora of fish life is amazing.
This region has an endless array of incredible photo opportunities both above and below the surface. Schooling fish, colorful soft corals, amazing coral bommies, and everything else in-between offer the underwater photographer endless opportunities.
Macro or wide angle…. the decision can be a difficult one!


Rock Islands of Wayag, Raja Ampat

 Capturing the splendor and beauty of the region as a whole was the objective, so the decision was made to shoot wide angle the entire trip. It was refreshing not having to choose on each dive whether to shoot macro or wide angle.
Capturing the massive coral bommies, shallow water mangroves, shoals of glass sweepers and schooling fish with a longer lens would have been difficult. My head would have been buried in sand looking for tiny critters had I used a macro lens.
Making the choice to just ’shoot wide’ proved very rewarding. It was exhilarating hanging out “watching the show”.


Baitfish swarm under Arborek Jetty, Raja Ampat

So next time you visit the BHS consider Going Wide!


“Snell’s Window” at Mangrove Slope, Gam/Yangello Island, West Waigeo, Raja Ampat

Beth Watson’s love for photography began years ago when she received her first digital camera. The concept of capturing, editing and printing an image intrigued her. It was not until she learned to dive and took a camera underwater that her true passion was born. The underwater world is fascinating to her and she enjoys the challenges of photographing wide-angle reefs and wrecks but also has a deep adoration for the tiniest creatures in the sea. Her goal is to capture images that are unique, creative and thought provoking, hoping to raise awareness to the importance of conserving and preserving the health and vitality of our ocean environment.

To view more of Beth’s work visit and  Beth also has a Gallery on the site, Beth’s Gallery.

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