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A Bird’s Eye View of Triton Bay and Triton Bay Dive Resort by Markus Roth

A Bird’s Eye View of Triton Bay and Triton Bay Dive Resort

by Markus Roth

Looking south down Triton Bay from over Aiduma Island and Triton Bay Resort. ©Markus Roth

Markus Roth frequently travels to the BHS.  He’s a passionate photographer who is always pushing the limits of photography.  (View Markus’s BHS Gallery here.) He recently visited the BHS’s Triton Bay and stayed at the wonderful Triton Bay Resort.  While there he spent a lost of time with a drone capturing images of the resort and Triton Bay’s incredible topside scenery.  Enjoy!

Looking east over Saruenus Islet and across Selat Iris towards the mainland of New Guinea island. The famous dive site, Little Komodo, lies off the southern tip of Saruensu Islet. ©Markus Roth


Triton Bay islet. ©Markus Roth


The myriad of islands and islets that form Triton Bay. ©Markus Roth


The islands of Triton Bay. ©Markus Roth


Another view of Triton Bay Divers Resort located on Aiduma Island. What’s in those lakes? ©Markus Roth


Born in September 1976, Markus Roth’s passion for photography reaches all the way back to his childhood. As the son of the well-known German sports photographer, Hans-Alfred Roth, he learned in his early childhood how fascinating it is to captivate special moments on film or a memory chip.  He really likes extraordinary remote places like Cenderawasih Bay, Triton Bay or Weda Bay (Halmahera). His pictures and articles have been published in magazines and newspapers world wide.  He was Photographer of the week at Dive Photo Guide and has been invited to speak on various marine related themes at the International Boat Show “BOOT” in Duesseldorf and the Diving Resort & Travel Expo in Hong Kong.

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