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Alex del Olmo: Introduction to a wonderful videographer

Alex del Olmo was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain). He started diving at the age of 18 in the nearby Mediterranean sea, soon becoming a dive instructor and shortly thereafter an underwater videographer.  He produced films for several Spanish TV channels.

In 2017 he decided to take a break from his occupation as a Ph.D cinema professor at the University in Barcelona to live his passion, diving and filming, to the fullest. During that sabbatical year he set foot for the first time in Indonesia and succumbed to the beauty of its culture and diving.

His life took a turning point when he was offered a position as Cruise Director on The Seven Seas which he accepted, leaving behind his career as university professor and started a full time adventure; traveling, diving and filming Indonesia’s best dive sites.

Alex has won awards in many international underwater film festivals with his series “Out of the Black & Into the Blue”.  You can watch all the chapters in the series on his Vimeo channel:

Administrator’s note:  You will want to watch all of them.  Alex really knows how to make a film!

His latest short movie Bird’s Head is presently a Semi-Finalist at the World Shootout.

His work is amazing…world class!



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