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Tanya Burnett and Kevin Palmer visit Raja for the Umpteenth time…Part 2-Wide Angle

We are so excited to share more images from the incomparable photo team, Island Exposure Inc.  I have known Tanya and admired her work and philosophy for nearly 30 years!  Her husband Kevin, manages Reef Photo & Video, a go-to camera and video store that also offers instruction and photography workshops.  They have been partners for over 20 years, taking divers and photographers on an endless journey to the best of the best diving hot-spots.  They are wonderful instructors and fantastic, knowledgeable trip leaders.

Additionally Tanya is a jewelry maker.  You can peruse her collection of ocean-inspired jewels at Calypso Sea.  She is also a member of the Women’s Diving Hall of Fame!

Tanya began exploring Raja in 2005. She and Kevin just completed her 18th visit!  Jealous yet?  Their most recent trip was in November ’22 aboard the liveaboard, Damia II.  While they have visited more sites and areas within Raja than most, their latest trip also included the Forgotten Islands in the Banda Sea as well as the S. E. Misool region of Raja Ampat.  Tanya and Kevin share images from this most recent trip as well as a few favorites from their previous 17 journeys. What a treat.

All images were taken in Raja.  And since Tanya sent me so many lovely ones, we are continuing to spread the joy. If you “like”, or perhaps I should say, LOVE their images take a bit of time and thank them on all the usual social platforms…


Reefscape w/ Diver

Schooling Blue & Yellow Fusiliers

Reefscape w/ Glassfish

Schooling Blackfin Barracuda

Reefscape w/Diver

Manta Ray

Blue Water Mangrove Scenic

Mixed schooling Sweetlips, primarily Ribbon Sweetlips w/ a few Diagonal-Banded ones for a bit of variety!

Diver over Reefscape

Banner image: Mixed school w/ Crown Squirrelfish & Bluestripe Snappers

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