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New BHS Dive Site Maps by Andrea Duggan

Andrea Duggan, Cruise Director for Dewi Nusantara, kindly shared a few of her dive site maps with us.  These maps are invaluable for liveaboards visiting new areas.
We would like to thank Andrea and Dewi for being team players, putting the good of all above their personal interests.
Without cooperation and sharing you live in your own Selfie-ish world.  And in that world you never make real friends!

Each map has been added to it’s Map page on the site.  For GPS coordinates and diving directions for each site, see its description in Maps 

Pulau Pisang – T-Bone Reef. Pisang is located between Misool and Triton Bay


Mommon –Batu Cantik. Mommon is located on mainland West Papua between Misool and Triton Bay


Triton Bay – Batu Jatu aka White Rock Fall


Triton Bay – Batu Jeruk


Triton Bay – Bo’s Rainbow


Triton Bay – Christmas Rock


Triton Bay – Last Frontier



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