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Population dynamics of oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, West Papua, Indonesia, and the impacts of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation on their movement ecology by Beale, Stewart, Setyawan, Sianipar, Erdmann

Our team of scientists in the Bird’s Head are constantly at work.  This paper’s aim was to collect sightings data on oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) within the Raja Ampat Archipelago to better understand their population dynamics within the region. These data were compared with environmental variables to seek correlates that may explain any variations in observed sightings frequency. Combined, it is hoped this knowledge will be used to aid effective management of this species in the region.

For those interested in mantas this paper sheds important new light on manta ray behavior.  Here is the link to the pdf, Population dynamics of oceanic manta rays…


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