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Playground for Whales and Dolphins: Raja Ampat by Heike Vester and Ricardo Tapilatu

Surprisingly, Indonesia’s most famous dive site is also a playground for whales and dolphins (a commentary)

by Heike Vester and Ricardo Tapilatu

About the authors:

Heike Iris Vester ( is the founder and director of Ocean Sounds, a group dedicated to marine research, education and conservation through engagement with local communities. Ocean Sounds focuses on the biology and vocal communication of cetaceans, and has projects in Chile and Norway; they will soon open an office in Indonesia.

Ricardo F. Tapilatu ( is the director of the Research Center for Pacific Marine Resources at the University of Papua (UNIPA). The Center is dedicated to the research and conservation of Pacific Marine Resources across the Bird’s Head Seascape in the western Pacific region. The Centre is the only local organization engaged in Pacific Leatherback Turtle protection in the world’s largest remaining nesting beaches in West Papua.

Ocean Sounds and UNIPA both work closely with APEX Environmental, a group with extensive expertise in oceanic whale and dolphin surveys, cetacean ecology research, conservation, management, policy development, and training.


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