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Deep Dive: New findings from our whale shark watchers by Kiley Price

Reposted with permission by Conservation International from their Conservation News Blog.

In celebration of International Whale Shark Day, Conservation International (CI) has just released the newest findings of its whale shark watchers, Mark Erdmann and Abraham Sianipar.

“Studying the planet’s biggest fish involves tracking their long-distance trips across the Pacific, understanding the challenges they face in a rapidly changing climate — and diving deep into their complicated relationship with humans”, writes Kiley Price.

To read all about their findings follow the link to CI’s Conservation News Blog; Deep Dive: New findings from our whale shark watchers

Abraham Sianipar is Conservation International Indonesia’s Elasmobranch Program Manager.
Mark Erdmann is Conservation International’s Vice President of Asia-Pacific Marine Programs.
Kiley Price is a staff writer for Conservation International.

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