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Bren Smith: Fishing to Feed the World by Justin Nobel (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Bren Smith: Fishing to Feed the World

by Justin Nobel (From the Rolling Stone Magazine issue 1301’s article:  “25 People Shaping the Future in Tech, Science, Medicine, Activism and More”)

Aquaculture is controversial!  Oft times it does more harm than good to critical/coastal habitats.  But everyone needs to eat.  I read recently that the world is 9 consecutive meals from chaos, meaning that people who become desperate due to hunger will do “whatever it takes” to feed themselves and their family.  So finding ways to feed the masses, without damaging the environment, is essential but it’s not easy.  Bren Smith and his company Green Wave appear to be on the right track.  Bren says “The idea is to actually revive the ocean through our farming methods, and make this as affordable as possible for farmers to do themselves – meaning minimal skills and minimal capital costs.” He knows how important it is to put people to work in a job they can feel good about.  Green Wave doesn’t use antibiotics, fertilizers, or pesticides.  In fact they don’t even have to feed their “crops”.

 To read the whole story about Bren and Green Wave click,  Here.

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