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Why It Is Needed

The Bird’s Head Seascape is globally unique, with the highest concentrations of marine life on Earth.

Facing threats from overfishing and destructive fishing, largely by foreign boats, the communities of the Bird’s Head Seascape teamed up with local and national governments as well as more than 30 other partners to protect this global treasure forever.

Nomensen Mambraku handling fishing in Raja Ampat. Illegal fishing by outside poachers is down.

Together, this coalition of partners have reversed the decline, building a network of 12 ecologically connected, multiple-use marine protected areas (MPAs) covering 3.6 million hectares (9 million acres). Patrols in the MPAs have significantly reduced illegal fishing, leading to coral recovery, rebounding fish populations and stronger food security.
But the work is not done. Larger fish stocks — especially sharks — within the MPAs are becoming an even greater target for poachers. In addition, increasing threats from land-based development, pollution and climate change present new challenges.
Around the world, there are many examples of conservation gains lost when project funding ceased. The Blue Abadi Fund was created to ensure that the Bird’s Head Seascape will be protected forever.